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The breadth of material covered provides a glimpse into the varied and interesting ongoing research performed around the world by experts and staff throughout BRG. Our experts comprise academics and private-sector professionals in many fields, including economics, finance, healthcare, and data analytics.

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Summer 2023 (Vol. 10)


Winter 2018 (Vol. 7)

  • Katie Pawlitz, Esq., and Greg Russo: “Proactively Responding to Government Investigations Using Data Analytics: An Examination of Data Considerations in the Post-Acute Context”
  • Audrey Boles, Sam Brott, and Michele Martin: “Antitrust Market Definition—A Review of Five Influential Papers”
  • Tito Cardoso: “Utilizing a Self-Financing Strategy for Projects”

Spring 2017 (Vol. 6)

  • Greg Russo and Daniel Hettich: “Are You on Target? An Analysis of Medicare’s Target Prices under the New CJR Program and Where Your MSA Stands Now”
  • John Davis: “Unravelling Market Shifts in the Pricing of Composite Goods Using Hedonic Price Index Methods”
  • Jacqueline Baratian and Melissa Hulke: “BEWARE: The Road Signals Are Showing a Green Light for Increased Future Oversight and Enforcement of Medicaid Managed Care Fraud”
  • Dawn Eash, Keith Mendes, Joyce Suen, Joseph Tanimura, and C. Paul Wazzan: “Learning to Give and Take Depositions: A Case Study”

Spring 2016 (Vol. 5)

  • Aaron Vandervelde and JoAnna Younts: “A Detailed Diagnosis of Integrated Community Oncology”
  • Jeffrey Armstrong: “Protecting the Pillars of Consumer Demand: False Advertising Cases and Economic Trends in the United States since the Financial Crisis”
  • Neil Shifrin: “Solar Power for the United States”
  • Daniel Michel: “Estimating the Costs of Solar Conversion in the United States”


Winter 2014 (Vol. 4)

  • Robin Cantor and Albert Bremser: “Market Share Liability from an Economics Perspective”
  • Neil Shifrin and Robin Cantor: “The Safety of Chemical Products”
  • Neil Shifrin: “Chemical Leaks and Spills”

Spring 2013 (Vol. 3)

  • Stefan Boedeker: “Observational Studies in Wage and Hour Litigation”
  • Dawn Eash: “Observational Studies in a Litigation Context: Important Practices in a Large-Scale Case Study”

Summer 2012 (Vol. 2)

  • Anne Marie Knott and Joseph Tanimura: “The Performance Effects of R&D Appropriation Methods”
  • Rajeev Bhattacharya and Stephen O’Brien: “Arbitrage Risk and Market Efficiency – Applications to Securities Class Actions”

Fall 2011 (Vol. 1:2)

  • John Davis: “The Role of the Economic Expert in the Banking and Investment Disputes Following the Subprime Crisis”
  • José Alberro: “Economic Impact of Research Funded by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine”

Winter 2011 (Vol. 1:1)

  • Kevin Kreitzman: “The Value of Control: Control Premiums, Minority Interest Discounts, and the Fair Market Value Standard”
  • Aaron Vandervelde: “Case Study: Impact of Health Reform on a Pharmaceutical Company”

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