Information is powerful if you have the tools to unlock it.

BRG’s Healthcare practice provides clients with extensive industry expertise combined with data-driven, objective, and innovative approaches to their most complex problems.

A core strength of our practice is our ability to harness and unlock the power of the information generated in the healthcare system. We regularly leverage financial, clinical, operations, and survey data maintained by payers, providers, manufacturers, and government entities to develop solutions to our clients’ most pressing issues.

Who We Are

Our professionals have backgrounds in healthcare economics, information technology, management and administration, finance, accounting, government regulation and enforcement, and academia. Many have relevant advanced degrees and certifications including PhDs, MBAs, CPAs, CFEs, and coding certifications. Our professionals also include doctors, nurses, and other clinicians.

What We Do

Our experts specialize in areas such as healthcare policy, finance, care delivery and clinical economics, reimbursement, regulatory compliance, valuation/FMV opinions, and health data and data management, as well as investigations, litigation, and dispute resolution. They also advise hospitals on reducing labor, non-labor, and clinical costs, as well as improving revenue cycle operations.


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