Continued Evolution in Retail and Consumer Goods

Retail and other consumer-facing businesses continue to evolve. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented its own challenges, but retail already was moving more to a world of multiple channels and retailer segments—online, mass merchants, dollar stores, department stores, and specialty retail—competing for consumers. Consumers and technology continue to morph rapidly, and retail has long since ceased to be a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.

The impact and look of online retail continue to unfold. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a dramatically altered retail landscape, littered with the remains of well-known and historical retail brands.

Consumers’ behaviors, preferences, and technology utilization continue to change, creating a moving target and endless stream of challenges for even the best retailers. Now more than ever, retail survival is a journey and not a destination.

Who We Are, What We Do

BRG’s Retail and Consumer practice professionals provide extensive industry expertise combined with data-driven, objective, and innovative approaches to the most complex business challenges. Our significant experience working with companies at critical inflection points in their lifecycles has informed our approach and instilled a sense of urgency in solving problems.

Our experts bring a hands-on approach to business improvement, highlighted by:

  • Highly Experienced Senior Teams: Our seasoned professionals collaborate efficiently with management to identify necessary business needs and manage difficult situations.
  • Specialized Industry Knowledge: Our experts have a deep knowledge of the retail and consumer products landscape, with a detailed understanding of managing the inner workings of a business and relevant key performance indicators.
  • Broad Range of Comprehensive Solution Offerings: We bring a wide array of skillsets to identify challenges and offer solutions quickly to drive sales and profitability, reduce costs, and improve planning and forecasting.
  • Objectivity: Our experts are independent drivers of quick results. Time is of the essence. In critical situations, we work within your teams and leverage available data to provide actionable solutions.

Our team has worked with numerous clients to build value and accelerate business performance through strategy setting and execution, business and operating model design, acquisition and merger support, market-entry strategy, and channel and product strategy.

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