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BRG Global AI Regulation Report

June 2024

Executive Perspectives on the Emerging Global and Regional Regulatory Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) policy is in its early stages, with different jurisdictions’ frameworks, guidelines, and requirements in varying stages of maturity—from the European Union’s more risk-based AI Act and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ business-friendly Guide on AI to Governance and Ethics to President Biden’s executive order and myriad state- and country-specific laws now taking shape.  

But while the immediate future of regulation is somewhat uncertain, policymakers across the globe are sending signals that new governance is coming. That will mean both challenges and opportunities for businesses across every industry, from those already diving deep into the AI waters to those just jumping around the puddles. 

BRG’s inaugural Global AI Regulation Report analyzes sentiment from top business leaders and policy analysts on their current effectiveness and confidence in complying with AI policies; predictions for the future of AI policy; and what guardrails are most necessary to balance innovation and security. The report draws on qualitative interviews with executives and lawyers focused on AI compliance; a survey of 214 corporate leaders and executive-level lawyers across Asia–Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and North America; and insights from BRG experts. 

Key findings include:  

  •  AI regulation is still emerging, and perceptions of its present effectiveness are mixed. About one-third of respondents believe current policy is “very effective,” but roughly the same proportion believe it is “moderately effective” or “slightly effective”/“not effective.”  
  •  Only four in ten are highly confident in their ability to comply with current regulation and guidance. Respondents cite lack of internal training and inadequate data management/security protocols as primary reasons.  
  •  Less than half of all organizations have implemented internal safeguards to promote responsible and effective AI development and use. The highest proportion of organizations (45 percent) have implemented data quality, collection, and storage reviews—as well as data protection, privacy, and security risk reviews. Less than one-third have implemented cross-functional teams to manage AI (31 percent) or processes to mitigate biases and ensure ethical use (29 percent).  


This report also provides a deep dive into data and analysis across four industries central to the emerging AI conversation: financial services, retail and consumer goods, healthcare, and technology. 


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