Sustained growth in a dynamic healthcare marketplace.

Hospitals, healthcare systems, and providers face a myriad of challenges as they navigate a highly competitive and actively regulated industry. With passage of the Affordable Care Act, providers are confronted with significant reimbursement challenges and demand for transparency and improved quality. In addition, increased scrutiny on healthcare fraud and abuse by government enforcement agencies requires providers to develop comprehensive compliance programs to minimize legal risk.

BRG offers specialized expertise to advise providers in meeting these challenges, develop tailored solutions, and position their organizations for sustained growth in a dynamic healthcare marketplace.

Who We Are

BRG experts have extensive healthcare industry expertise and advise healthcare providers on developing and implementing effective corporate compliance and risk management programs. Our professionals have firsthand experience in C-suite corporate compliance, government enforcement, and advanced transactional data analysis; therefore, they have a greater understanding of the operational, technical, and legal challenges that providers must address.

BRG experts leverage this industry and enforcement knowledge, and leading compliance best practices, to provide innovative, data-driven, cost-effective, and practical solutions to enhance operational efficiency, inform business decision making, and proactively address and remediate key legal risks.

Our experts deliver sound analytical solutions to our clients’ most complex, unstructured problems. An important building block for those solutions is our understanding of how healthcare organizations operate and interact with other stakeholders in the healthcare continuum. As a result, our reports and findings have been used to resolve our clients’ most critical business, regulatory, and legal challenges.

What We Do

  • Corporate compliance program development/effectiveness assessment
  • Executive management/board compliance and governance training
  • HIPAA Privacy/Security compliance
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plans
  • Hospital/physician arrangements compliance and tracking systems
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Third-party risk management
  • Healthcare professional/life sciences industry collaboration
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Fair market value methodology and evaluation
  • Advanced data analytics/forensic reviews
  • Internal investigations and response to government inquiries
  • Litigation support
  • Independent Review Organization (IRO) and federal monitoring


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