The relentlessly increasing volume, variety, and velocity of electronically stored information (ESI) continue to challenge the legal process in the form of electronic discovery, or “eDiscovery.” Despite the past decade of jurisprudence and technical development in eDiscovery, new challenges in the form of mobile apps, social media, Big Data, and other digital phenomena raise questions that demand creative and sophisticated approaches. BRG’s eDiscovery team consists of some of the most respected practitioners in the field, including technologists and lawyers who have spent their careers shaping the field with their thought leadership while advising global business enterprises on high-profile eDiscovery matters.

BRG’s team maintains extensive capabilities to deploy industry standard through state-of-the-art technical solutions in support of every phase of eDiscovery, whether preservation, identification, collection, processing, review, analysis, or production. We focus on efficiency and defensible compliance to customize approaches for clients addressing legal aspects of ESI. In addition, we advise clients on preparedness so that they can avoid the pitfalls of a “fire-drill” approach to eDiscovery.

Certain investigations are conducted by licensed BRG entities, including: Berkeley Research Group Texas, LLC (A18094); Berkeley Research Group Investigatory Services of Illinois, LLC (Illinois 117001723 and Michigan 3701206962); Berkeley Research Group of Florida, LLC (A 1400243); BRG Investigations, LLC f/k/a Berkeley Research Group Investigatory Services of New York, LLC (11000189295).  


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