There are several signs that indicate organizations are ripe for business process optimization. Whether there has been a transaction or structural change, a fundamental shift in business activity, or a need for operational efficiency, BRG’s Retail team leverages a suite of proven approaches that are applied based on the current situation: business process streamlining, selling, general, and administration (SG&A) optimization, organizational optimization, outsourcing, and zero-based budgeting. Aligning the right approach to unlock value is key.

There are several signs that indicate organizations are ripe for business process optimization; when any of these surface, there is typically an opportunity for improvement.

  • Missing financial targets or estimates
  • SG&A costs increasing as a % of sales
  • Confusion over the numbers; multiple sources of truth
  • Dysfunction across functions; lack of coordination and common metrics
  • Inconsistent execution (output and/or timing) of standard processes
  • Excessive and lengthy handoffs or approvals between departments
  • Too many managers, too few workers
  • Lack of clear weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting aligned to KPIs
  • Abundance of spreadsheet tools, uniquely crafted by person/department
  • Excessive reporting, many unused or one-off

BRG Retail Performance Improvement leverages a suite of approaches targeted to a company’s current situation, with each approach having a track record of delivering value.

Three fundamental triggers indicate when business process optimization can yield significant value capture; aligning the right approach to unlock the value is key.

Starting with a rapid cost assessment, BRG identifies process optimization target areas of greatest impact, then employs high-level process mapping and complexity analysis to identify issues not aligned to strategic vision.

  • Transaction or Structural Change (Carve Out, M&A, Restructuring)
  • Fundamental Shift in Business Activity
  • Operational Efficiency

Combining our deep analytics capabilities with broad line-management experience, BRG can quickly identify process, productivity, profitability, and workflow break points.


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