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Changes in the regulatory environment, razor-thin margins, and a shift to greater technological integration have resulted in an increased potentiality for risk and violations within the consumer financial arena. Institutions must establish the proper framework to not only ensure compliance but also provide optimal efficiencies throughout the product lifecycle. Changes in federal administration are resulting in a greater focus on the consumer. Therefore, institutions must take the necessary steps to ensure that all aspects of their processes and procedures are in full compliance and ready for an increased potential for review and scrutiny.

BRG Consumer Finance

Our consumer finance professionals possess an average of over twenty years of experience working with institutions across diverse product types to assist clients in addressing their most challenging matters. They include former chief risk officers, chief compliance officers, CPAs, MBAs, CFAs, and banking professionals. Our team is experienced in identifying the key areas of focus targeted by regulatory bodies, states, and investors. We tailor our solutions to mitigate risks as cost effectively and efficaciously as possible. Our team of industry-recognized professionals has served as the independent consultant for numerous Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Reserve Board (FRB), and state-level enforcement actions. Our wide range of clients demonstrates our history of providing proven solutions to the most complex of problems. Our core product service offerings include:

BRG’s Suite of Solutions

Each product has its own unique set of risks, process efficiencies, and regulatory/state areas of focus and requires an individualized evaluation and solution tailored to the specific requirements and landscape. We incorporate our forecasts regarding future shifts and developments in banking and consumer finance as we craft solutions to meet current business and regulatory expectations. In addition, our expertise in technology and operations supports our clients in streamlining their businesses, designing efficiencies, and reducing risk. Our Consumer Finance professionals provide five core services: Risk Management, Regulatory & Compliance; Operations; Technology Enablement; and Accounting & Finance. Below provides example services associated with each of the five core services:

Key Areas of Risk

We understand the key risk areas for products, the current focus and demand of regulators in the present environment, and what is projected to arise. Below are some areas in which we have assisted our clients with their most pressing issues.

The above list is just an example of some areas that we identify as a focus of regulators and domains that present the greatest risk to businesses. We have helped clients address issues, create strategic plans, and proactively avert fines or penalties due to noncompliance. We also routinely serve as an expert witness/consultant in litigation matters.

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