2023 National Symposium on Technology in Labor and Employment Law

Chicago, Illinois

April 19-21, 2023

Elizabeth Arnold participated in “Computer Vision Technology in the Workplace” on April 21 at the American Bar Association 2023 National Symposium on Technology in Labor and Employment Law.

Technological advances in artificial intelligence “computer vision” offer potential new methods for collecting and analyzing data related to assessing employee activity in the workplace. One application of this technology is the measurement of employee location, movement, and work activity, all of which are relevant to assessing whether employee work behavior is aligned with company expectations and legal requirements. Common areas of legal dispute in this area include the compensability of time employees spend on security checks, bag checks, and donning/doffing personal protective equipment prior to clock-in. Panelists discussed the potential implications of using this technology in the workplace through the lens of a case study in the current legal landscape.

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