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Regulatory considerations, industry best practices, relevant audits and reviews, and upcoming industry events

BRG’s Government Contracts Advisory Services (GCAS) group is a leading provider of consulting services to government contractors in the defense, construction, engineering, healthcare/health insurance, higher education, nonprofit, manufacturing, technology, hospitality and retail industries.

The US federal government is the largest consumer of services and goods in the world. With that comes a highly complex and regulated acquisition environment. GCAS experts and consultants specialize in providing advice throughout the entire lifecycle of contracts and grants. From solicitation to contract and grant closeout, our BRG professionals work with awardees and contractors to address regulatory complexity proactively. GCAS service offerings include government contract and grant accounting, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) consulting, business system validation services, indirect rates and incurred cost submissions consultation, bid protest, and investigation and litigation services.

This Regulatory Round-Up highlights the latest news, regulations, and impactful updates that could impact clients and businesses, along with regulatory considerations, industry best practices, relevant audits and reviews, and upcoming industry events.

Joint OIG Focus on Funding for Ukraine Response

The Department of Defense, US Agency for International Development (USAID), and Department of State Offices of Inspector General issued a Joint Strategic Oversight Plan for Ukraine Response.

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New DFARS Rule

The Department of Defense (DoD) recently issued a final Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) rule authorizing the DoD to acquire innovative commercial products and services through a competitive selection of proposal resulting from a general solicitation, known as a commercial solutions opening (CSO), and the peer review of such proposals in conjunction with a FAR part 12 contract.

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Key Takeaways from DCAA's FY2022 Report to Congress

DCAA recently issued its annual report to Congress detailing its audit performance, audit process recommendations, outreach activities, and major accomplishments over the past fiscal year.

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Artificial Intelligence Remains at the Center of White House’s Focus

The Biden-Harris administration has secured voluntary commitments from seven leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies to address major risks posed by AI.

The commitments aim to ensure AI products are thoroughly tested before public release, built with security as the highest priority, and trusted by the public. The growth of AI has had a profound impact on virtually every industry in the United States; for example, healthcare companies have used it to develop new drugs and personalized treatments for patients, financial institutions have used it to detect fraud and boost customer service, and retailers have used it to anticipate consumer demand and prevent stock shortages.

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Government Contracts

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