In response to increasing demand for our services in this area, BRG has assembled a diverse group of experts who can address every aspect of M&A and private equity disputes. Geo-political shifts, macro-economic conditions and high stock market volatility can converge to create a perfect storm for the number of both transactions and restructuring events and the disputes they are resulting in. On such occasions, BRG is uniquely positioned to provide private equity sponsors, corporations and law firms with expert advice and testimony, having been engaged on some of the world’s most significant commercial disputes over recent years.

In addition to the traditional accounting expert role, we bring a commercial understanding of the transaction and an appreciation of the perspectives of all parties involved. We unpick the commercial drivers and the behaviours of the parties in order to navigate the dispute and decipher the relationship between the complaint and underlying issues. Our industry practitioners bring an intuitive view which is combined with our team’s analytical rigour and understanding of the dispute resolution process.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Valuation and finance
  • M&A advisory and execution
  • Leveraged finance and credit analysis
  • Equity capital market transactions
  • Accounting
  • Corporate restructuring

We are experienced in disputes involving:

  • Representations and warranties claims
  • Fraud and misrepresentation claims
  • Aborted M&A transactions
  • Completion mechanisms
  • Take-private transactions and dissenting minorities
  • GP-LP relationships
  • Fund administration


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Mustafa Hadi

Managing Director

Hong Kong, Singapore

Daniel Ryan

Managing Director


Aaron Howell

Senior Advisor

Perth, Singapore

Terence Mark

Managing Director


Andrew Webb

Managing Director

London, Singapore

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