Independent and objective.

BRG provides to counsel, corporations, and governments throughout the world independent and objective testimony in matters involving antitrust litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and agency competition reviews. BRG experts combine a deep understanding of actual market behavior with relevant economic theory and sound empirical research. They have provided testimony and made presentations concerning antitrust issues in both state and federal courts and in meetings and hearings before the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, the European Commission, and other tribunals; and also before sector-specific regulators.

BRG’s antitrust litigation experience includes analyzing claims of price fixing; examining the competitive effects of alleged actual or attempted monopolization, predatory pricing, anticompetitive tying or bundling, exclusionary practices, and abuse of a dominant position; and investigating other competition issues such as those related to alleged price discrimination. Our experts have significant experience examining economic issues associated with proposed class certification in antitrust matters. BRG experts also analyze issues related to possible damages associated with all types of antitrust disputes. In addition, BRG provides our litigation clients and their counsel with data and document discovery, data management, and litigation support services.

Who We Are

BRG experts advise clients on all aspects of agency merger reviews. Our experts have presented analyses and provided testimony concerning the impact of proposed mergers and acquisitions before state and federal competition authorities and other regulatory bodies in the U.S., as well as regulatory agencies in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. We have also presented analyses regarding cartel matters and other non-merger investigations. BRG experts also have provided advisory services to competition authorities concerning policy issues and the appropriate economic approach to the analysis of specific cases.

What We Do

  • Ability to Pay
  • Aftermarket Analysis
  • Antitrust Damages
  • Article 101 and 102 Investigations
  • Bundling and Tying
  • Class Certification
  • Collusion and Cartelization
  • Data Collection for Merger Reviews
  • Dealer Termination
  • Exclusive Dealing
  • Foreclosure
  • Innovation Markets
  • Intellectual Property and the Economics of Innovation
  • Interplay of Regulation and Competition
  • Market Definition
  • Market Power Analysis
  • Merger Efficiencies
  • Merger Remedies
  • Merger Simulation
  • Monopolization and Abuse of Dominance
  • Non-price Vertical Restraints
  • Predatory Pricing
  • Price Fixing and Allegations of Conspiracy
  • Refusals to Deal/Walker Process and Handgards Claims
  • State Aid and Article 106 Issues
  • Trustee/Remedy Implementation

Antitrust in Numbers

0 7
Seven experts ranked in Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2019 for Competition Economists
0 20
GCR ranked BRG among the top twenty competition economics firms in the world in the Economics 20
0 10
Ten leading academic affiliates joined in 2020 including former chief economists from DOJ Antitrust Division, FTC, FCC


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