Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Litigation & Arbitration

When the parties to a dispute, their counsel or the tribunal decide to retain the services of experts, BRG litigation and arbitration professionals and consultants are ready to provide objective, independent and reasonable advice to claimants, respondents or arbitration panels. BRG’s practice comprises individuals with a wide range of relevant skills and qualifications, including accounting, economics, intellectual property, valuation, finance and regulation, alongside deep industry expertise in sectors including construction, real estate, financial services, telecommunications, media and technology, energy and utilities, transport, and healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

International Arbitration

Ranked fifth globally in WWL Arbitration Expert Witnesses 2021

Ranked fourth in the GAR Expert Witness 2020 Power Index 

Ranked Band 1 globally in Chambers Litigation Support: Economic Analysis

BRG professionals provide expert services ranging from analysis to objective testimony in matters involving valuation issues underpinning international arbitration disputes. Our experts identify key issues; apply relevant theories appropriately; and use sophisticated techniques to develop independent, objective and reasonable analyses and opinions. They have presented oral and written evidence before arbitration panels in proceedings involving disputes between investors and governments concerning investors’ expectations, regulatory regime changes, indirect expropriation, sovereign insurance claims and damages quantification.

Competition Damages

BRG professionals have acted on competition damages matters across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the rest of the world. We have calculated damages in a wide range of claims relating to cartels and the abuse of a dominant position.

BRG’s specialised competition damages team includes experienced competition and regulatory economists, econometricians, accountants, and valuation, electronic discovery and industry experts. We combine economic, financial and industry-specific expertise to provide a robust determination of damages in competition contexts.

As part of a disputes-focused practice, our team has significant experience of providing expert testimony in these matters.

Regulatory Disputes

Regulated industries are exposed to risks arising from both government decisions concerning the rights of investors and regulatory decisions about the terms and conditions of the services that are sold, which frequently result in disputes involving investors, regulated firms and competition and regulatory authorities.

BRG professionals have extensive experience in disputes and competition and regulatory matters. They understand, in detail, how regulated markets work and how complex issues and arguments can be presented as part of international arbitration or domestic disputes proceedings, including quantification of potential damages from alleged or proven competition infringements.

M&A and Private Equity Disputes

BRG professionals have a deep and up-to-date understanding of transactions and the accounting and financial aspects of closing mechanisms. That knowledge is critical to identifying key issues in disputes and factoring them into the quantification of damages or investigations of fraud. Our teams work on the quantification of damages and forensic accounting matters in post-M&A disputes, including matters related to closing accounts, breach of warranty, fraud and earn-out disputes, alongside cross-border M&A and leveraged buyout transactions that result in international arbitration.

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