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Peter Bird

Managing Director


As well as acting as an expert witness, Peter Bird is a portfolio director and consultant and investment professional. He had a distinguished investment banking career as an executive vice-chairman of a multinational investment bank and financial services firm, with a global track record in M&A, privatisation, ECM, and debt advice, principally in the energy and infrastructure sector.

Mr. Bird’s current advisory portfolio includes a continuing senior-adviser role with his previous firm; advice to a power generation company and a private equity group focussed on Africa; and as an affiliate consultant to a global economics consultancy.

Mr. Bird’s disputes experience includes:

  • Advising in a current M&A-related dispute between two private equity houses on the quantum of damages arising from breach of an NDA.
  • Acted as peer reviewer in a current arbitration in Singapore concerning non-performance of a gas supply contract.
  • Testified as an expert witness in a Hong Kong court case about false representations in a private equity deal in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. The parties were each Asian private equity houses. The case involved quantum expert evidence primarily around valuation techniques. He was instructed by the defendant’s counsel
  • Acted as a consulting expert witness in a Paris-based ICC arbitration. The case involved post-M&A dividend policy undertakings in the energy sector. The parties were two European utilities. He was instructed by the respondent’s counsel.
  • Testified as an expert witness in a Paris-based ICC arbitration. The case involved the interpretation of the exercise price formula in a post M&A put option clause in the sale and purchase agreement for an energy utility company. The parties were two European utilities. He was instructed by the respondent’s counsel and was examined and cross-examined.
  • Testified as an expert witness in a Geneva-based ICC arbitration. The case involved a dispute between an owner and EPC contractor in relation to a power plant construction contract. The parties were a large utility and a large global contractor. He was instructed by the claimant’s counsel, and his evidence related to the procuring of project financing. The tribunal hearing was in 2014. He was examined and cross-examined and took part in a “hot tub.”
  • Acted in managing a dispute and potential arbitration. The dispute was settled at a late stage before commencement of proceedings in the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.
  • Led team advising a gas wholesaler in a claim against a buyer on the charging formula in a gas sales agreement. The claim was arbitrated in Singapore.

Mr. Bird’s relevant specialist areas of expertise include:

  • Valuation and quantum estimation
  • Commercial agreements in the energy sector, especially power sector
  • Nuclear energy and renewable energy
  • Construction disputes
  • Private equity transactions
  • Project finance/project agreements (EPC, O&M, government support, etc.)
  • Design of electricity markets
  • Utility regulation
  • On- and off-market M&A, including cross-border
  • Privatisation in developed and emerging markets

Mr. Bird’s experience in Asia includes:

  • In Korea: as an adviser on electricity sector reorganisation on outbound and inbound buy-side M&A in the energy sector; and in an FMCG-sector dispute involving a Korean private equity house
  • In Japan: for a number of trading houses on outbound M&A
  • In China: on outbound M&A, and for offshore players seeking Chinese debt and equity capital
  • In the Philippines: on electricity-sector restructuring and privatisation, on M&A sell-side, and for an incoming greenfield investor
  • In Malaysia: as a project finance advisor, on outbound and domestic M&A, on electricity-sector privatisation and on contract renegotiation
  • In Indonesia: as a project finance advisor, on privatisation and on inbound M&A
  • In Thailand: as a project finance advisor
  • In Vietnam: for an inbound greenfield investor
  • In India: as a project finance advisor and on outbound M&A
  • In Singapore: on inbound M&A


Cambridge University
BA, PhD, Economics, 1970 - 1976 

Employment History

Senior advisor
2018 - present

Affiliate consultant
2017 - present

Wye Holdings
Senior advisor
2017 - present

Infraco Asia Investments
2012, 2016 - 2018

Rothschild & Co.
Senior advisor
2012 - present
Participant and expert witness in arbitrations
2014 - present

Green Africa Power
Founder, board member
2013 - 2018

Lantau Group
Senior advisor
2013 - present

Senior advisor
2012 - 2016

Vector Ltd
2007 - 2016

Infraco Asia Development
Founder, director
2009 - 2015

Infraco Africa Ltd
Founder, director
2005 - 2012

Rothschild Singapore
Co-head of Global Utilities; co-head/executive vice-chairman, Global Financial Advisory, SE Asia
2008 - 2012

Rothschild London
Managing director/director/assistant director
1990 - 2008

Coopers & Lybrand Management Consulting
Senior/principal consultant
1988 - 1990

Uranium Institute
Senior researcher
1985 - 1988

Christian Michelsen Institute
Senior researcher
1984 - 1985

University of Stirling
Lecturer in economics
1977 - 1984

Leicester Polytechnic
Lecturer in economics
1976 - 1977