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ThinkSet: Changing Values, Decentralized Disruption: Crypto, Blockchain, and Digital Assets

Spring 2023

It has been a rollercoaster eighteen months for crypto.

What started with celeb-studded Super Bowl ads last February seemed to come tumbling down with the collapse of high-profile cryptocurrency players. Yet the so-called “crypto winter” may be starting to thaw. Bitcoin has rallied in the wake of bank failures, while some believe declining interest rates could ignite a new bull run.

As crypto makes headlines, two related (though often wrongly conflated) areas have only gained momentum: namely, blockchain—which is now in use at more than 80 of the world’s top 100 public companies—and digital assets, like nonfungible tokens (NFTs), that operate on the blockchain and continue to make waves in everything from art and entertainment to banking and real estate.

This issue of ThinkSet—the first in our digital magazine’s new quarterly iteration—tackles this exciting landscape, providing business readers with the insights they need to prepare for what’s next.

For instance, Walter Mix, a former commissioner of the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, weighs in on one of the sector’s most heated debates: regulation. As enforcement actions pick up and legislators, regulators, and organizations take sides, he offers a solution based on lessons learned from earlier financial crises to help pave the way forward.

Part of the need for this regulation stems from increasing amounts of fraud in the space. To this end, Kevin Hamilton and Steven Gawthorpe’s “Crypto Scams 101” infographics tell us what to watch out for, while a Q&A with Erick Gunawan reveals innovative measures being taken (e.g., crypto tracing) to get those funds back—in addition to discussing China’s crypto ban and other global regulatory developments.

But there’s more to crypto-related technology than currency. Michael Canale and Ron Schnell outline the myriad business applications for the blockchain—from finance to insurance to supply chain and more—as well as associated risks. And Daniel Ryan previews forthcoming BRG research on emerging intellectual property issues in the blockchain-powered metaverse.

Finally, in this issue’s podcast feature, Michael Canale and Kevin Hamilton sit down to discuss two hot topics in the crypto, blockchain, and digital assets space: stablecoins and tokenomics.

At BRG, the idea of intelligence that works drives everything we do. Our new quarterly themed ThinkSet aims to put that philosophy into practice by providing engaging, multifaceted thinking and expert guidance that helps today’s business leaders adopt a more strategic, long-term mindset.

Looking ahead, expect to hear more from us on these and other topics related to the ongoing digital transformation. For instance, our new Digital Economy and Platform Markets practice, which includes the world’s leading testifying experts on digital economy matters, will be the most experienced practice in the market dedicated to these critical issues.

For now, we hope you enjoy this issue of ThinkSet.

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