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Retailers, Buckle Up—Turbulence Will Continue

Keith Jelinek, Rick Maicki, Rebecca Feygenson, and Corinne Lim

September 9, 2019

Anyone who has flown commercially has experienced turbulence in-flight—along with the standard warning to remain seated with seatbelts securely fastened. In some cases, the turbulence can result in an extremely bumpy ride—and frayed nerves for many passengers.

In retail, companies have been riding in rough air for some time, and they will need to “keep their seatbelts fastened” in the months to come. The retail business environment remains shaky, challenging companies to evaluate their course and make “in-flight” adjustments to remain competitive. The remainder of 2019 will test the ability of retailers as they look to steer their companies successfully through the rough air.


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