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Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions—Studying Successful Outcomes

Gay Casey, Rex Burgdorfer, and Lisa Mathews

Fall 2020

The template for a successful hospital merger or acquisition has not been well documented. Over the past few years, there has been considerable discussion about the values of healthcare transactions.

To explore, BRG professionals conducted a study engaging more than one hundred hospital leaders involved in transactions to identify what has worked, why it has worked, and what the success factors are for these transactions. Insights from these executives chronicle the unique experiences from all sides of the transaction—from the acquirer to the acquired, and including a mix of clinical and financial or operational executives and administrators. Additionally, we consulted Juniper Advisory to gain insights into the outcomes from the healthcare transactions they have supported.

Read the report from Gay Casey, Lisa Mathews, and Rex Burgdorfer of Juniper Advisory.


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