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The Digital Workforce Revolution Is Here

Michael Canale, John DelPonti, Laura Gudaitus, and Kevin Hamilton

October 29, 2021

Leveraging Advanced Technology in Financial Services

The Digital Workforce has arrived.

Computer processing power and costs, innovative algorithms, and other advanced technologies have progressed to the point that a company can deploy a Digital Workforce effectively to supplement (or replace) a company’s employees. By shifting manual, time-consuming processes to the Digital Workforce, companies can free up their personnel resources to think critically about business problems to drive an organization forward. Companies can create a competitive advantage by leveraging this leap in productivity and cost gains and replacing the low-cost, offshore, global workforce strategies that have been the focus of many financial institutions over the past fifteen years. Digital Workforce also solves problems data analytics and monitoring create, often overwhelming an organization in dashboards flashing red and findings that need to be investigated by armies of people. This revolution does not simply find problems and tell people where to focus; it can solve or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

In this paper, Michael Canale, John DelPonti, Laura Gudaitus, and Kevin Hamilton discuss how to deploy and train a Digital Workforce to drive efficiency and advantage in an increasingly competitive world.

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