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Who’s Who Legal Investigations 2023

May 25, 2023

Who’s Who Legal has ranked six BRG professionals in its 2023 Investigations Guide. The guide profiles “the most prominent forensic accountants and digital forensic experts for their work spanning e-discovery, asset tracing and corporate investigations.”

WWL highlighted the following BRG professionals:

  • Michael Bandemer “can cut through the technical to get to the key issues” and “has a strong understanding of how litigation works.”
  • Andy Crain has a “clear communication style, is thoughtful about litigation strategy, and produces excellent forensic analysis”; he “is able to easily make sense of large data sets” and “incredibly effective at flagging the other side’s imprecise conclusions or inferences.”
  • Erick Gunawan’s expertise in eDiscovery services is considered as “on the cutting edge of Australian litigation”; he is “approachable” and “effortlessly operates in litigations involving multiple parties and very large quantum.”
  • Ben Johnson is “very detailed and thorough in his approach,” “efficient and delivers the project on time and within budget.”
  • Almira Kuzutbayeva “maintains a strategic approach to her cases,” “ensures the timely progress of a case,” and “demonstrates great attention to detail.”
  • Anastasia Malyugina is “incredibly driven,” “very personable and comfortable with clients,” and recognized as “hardworking and has excellent analytical skills.”


Related Professionals

Michael Bandemer

Managing Director

Andrew Crain

Managing Director

Erick Gunawan

Managing Director

Singapore, Sydney

Ben Johnson

Managing Director


Almira Kuzutbayeva


London, Dubai, UAE

Anastasia "Nastya" Malyugina

Managing Director