Intelligence That Works: Jaime Diaz - The CEO of My Team

May/December 2019

This week, the US teams and Captains Tiger Woods and Justin Leonard face the International teams at the Presidents Cup and Junior Presidents Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

In the inaugural episode of the podcast, Phil Rowley speaks with Jaime Diaz of the Golf Channel, and formerly of Golf World. Phil and Jaime cover what inspires and motivates leaders, transitioning from print to broadcast, the preparation that goes into The 19th Hole on the Golf Channel, and how the individual sport of golf is increasingly embracing the concept of teams.

Phil and Jaime also discuss the self-sufficiency of golfers like Zach Johnson and Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw’s status as a student of the game, and how Tiger Woods is proud of being stubborn.

(The podcast was originally recorded in May 2019.)

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