Where Did the Time Go?


September 29, 2021

Innovative approaches to analyzing cause and effect in construction inefficiency claims

There are many established ways to quantify inefficiency, but associated claims often lack clear demonstration of cause and effect. Please join the Society of Construction Law North America (SCLNA), BRG, and The Chiumento Law Group for this webinar, in which panelists will examine innovative approaches to analyze cause and effect to assist in the prosecution, defense, and ultimate resolution of inefficiency claims.

Drawing on experience from the field of labor and employment law, experts will discuss the application of techniques recognized by courts and designed to collect detailed data regarding what work was done, its context, and the time spent. We also will consider legal issues on analytics and expertise and look at how developing technology and artificial intelligence can assist in the analysis of productivity and efficiency on construction projects. Anamaria Popescu is the chairman of SCLNA.

Speakers will include:

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