Legal departments are increasingly asked to do more with less, even as the scale and complexity of addressing global legal and regulatory issues increase. The in-house legal function provides a critical service to internal clients, with significant demands for speed, quality, and cost efficiency.

Providing value to internal clients requires strategic engagement of resources focused on high-priority legal issues affecting the organization. Leveraged and lean legal departments are challenged to find the time necessary for strategic assessment, prioritization, and implementation of this legal process improvement while managing the organization’s day-to-day needs.

BRG’s legal operations advisory offering provides legal departments with experienced consultants who help maximize resources and demonstrate objective value to the business with tailored key performance indicators. BRG’s approach draws from practices developed by practitioner-led forums and former in-house counsels, and identifies opportunities for performance improvement in areas such as financial and resource management, technology and process support, outsourced compliance functions, cross-functional alignment, and vendor management.

BRG’s GCO Solutions team includes former in-house and external counsel, corporate officers, legal technology experts, and former regulators. The team takes a multidisciplinary approach to optimizing the in-house legal function by analyzing organizational structure, litigation trends and processes, technology enablement, and resource allocation to provide recommendations to better meet service demands and drive cost savings.

GCO Solutions Service Offerings

Litigation, Strategy, Support, and IP Management

  • Support internal investigations
  • Lead due diligence process improvement
  • Conduct corporate intelligence
  • Analyze data of lawsuit trends in the client’s industry
  • Facilitate strategic analyses based on available litigation data

Matter Management

  • Analyze litigation support and budget by matter type
  • Analyze matter data; identify patterns and opportunities to create efficiencies

Legal Organization Advisory

  • Review and rationalize legal entities; identify opportunities for simplification
  • Optimize process workflows, checklists, and decision trees to improve departmental efficiencies and consistency
  • Build data-informed advisory risk assessment methodology
  • Maximize IT enterprise planning integration, including cloud and SaaS opportunities
  • Provide cybersecurity and privacy program assessment; document risk-based remediation
  • Provide outsourced and cosourced privacy and compliance officers, including registering as a DPO in the EU per the GDPR, as well as anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) specialists.
  • Analyze financial effectiveness by reviewing data related to overall litigation spend and law firm partnerships by historical outcome data

eDiscovery Managed Services

  • Optimize legal hold/collection automation and analytics
  • Review managed data collection and processing and document review processes, spend, and outcomes

Contract Lifecycle Management Services

  • Optimize legal hold/collection automation and analytics
  • Perform multijurisdictional contract compliance reviews
  • Automate contract language and content control
  • Assist legal counsel with technology and management aspects of developing and delivering templates
  • Automate renewal tracking and approval


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