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Scott Swimley

Vice President

Scott Swimley is BRG’s vice president of Expert Recruiting, having joined the firm in 2014 as its first full-time expert-level recruiter.

He and the Expert Recruiting team are responsible for being the lead conduits of executive talent into the organization and representing the BRG brand within the industry.

Mr. Swimley has over thirty years of experience in executive recruiting and corporate staffing. He has held early retained search experience with one of the top four retained executive search firms and co-founded two other such firms.

He has also held corporate staffing management positions with both an enterprise software and services company during its high-growth phase and pre-IPO hyper growth experience with the first internet browser solutions company. He was also on the original founding teams of several recruiting-technology and candidate engagement and management platforms. He advises several artificial intelligence talent acquisition software companies.

Mr. Swimley earned a BA from the University of the Pacific and studied at Lincoln College, Oxford University.

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