Haywood Miller has over 30 years of professional experience as executive, business owner, workout professional, private equity and debt investor, and securities and mergers and acquisitions lawyer.

Mr. Miller has acted as Chief Restructuring Officer (with public and private companies) and responsible person on a number of engagements and has been asked to testify in bankruptcy court as an expert. Mr. Miller has worked on dozens of engagements involving healthcare providers, trade and government contractors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, nutraceutical, product and equipment manufacturers, insurance brokerages, restaurant chains, quarry and mining businesses, and other companies in financial distress.

He was previously a cofounder and executive vice president of Arguss Communications, Inc. (NYSE: ACX), a telecommunication infrastructure business. He led a restructuring and closed a share exchange after dramatic operational changes required by the 2001 telecommunications industry upheavals.

He also cofounded and was executive vice president and general counsel for Argan, Inc. (NASDAQ: AGX), a manufacturer and marketer of nutraceuticals and a government contractor working on telecommunications infrastructure for the U.S. and local governments and telephone and cable companies.

Mr. Miller was the executive vice president and general counsel with Jupiter National, Inc. (AMEX: JPI), a venture capital investing business development company. He previously worked as a principal with the MCG Capital Corporation, a mezzanine financing business-development company; and as a managing director at Advisory Associates, Inc., a McLean, Virginia–based merchant banking firm.

Mr. Miller founded and was president and CEO of Renewal Treatment Centers, Inc., a greenfield developer and operator of an eating disorder treatment center. He raised funds, zoned and licensed a facility in Frederick, Maryland, and worked extensively with the managed care participants and various other payors and referral sources.

Mr. Miller was also a securities and mergers and acquisitions lawyer at The Venable Firm.

Employment History

Advisory Associates
Managing director
2007 – 2009

MCG Capital
2006 – 2007

Argan, Inc.
Executive vice president
2002 – 2006

Arguss Communications, Inc.
Executive vice president
1996 – 2002

Professional Affiliations

American College of Healthcare Executives

Healthcare Financial Management Association

Areas of Expertise


University of Maryland

Harvard University
AB, Government