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BRG M&A Disputes Report - Asia–Pacific

December 17, 2020

Lawyers, Dealmakers and Experts See Increased M&A Disputes Brewing in 2021

The full surge of COVID-19-related claims is still to hit

The new annual BRG M&A Disputes Report – Asia-Pacific shows economic and political pressures, exacerbated by COVID-19, could put buyers and sellers at odds in 2021.

The arrival—and unwelcome stay—of the pandemic has done nothing to slow the existing increase of M&A disputes in the APAC region, and it is highly likely that 2021 will see an even steeper rise, as disagreements fermented during the ‘Year of Lockdowns’ turn into full-blown disputes. That is a core message that comes from the report.

In interviews and survey responses, senior lawyers and dealmakers cited a steady, gradual uptick in deal-related disputes that began several years ago. They increasingly expect that market conditions in 2021 will put buyers and sellers at odds over a variety of deal terms, accelerating that upwards trend.

Contributors included:

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