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Lessons Learned from COVID-19: How We Can Emerge as a More Operationally Efficient Healthcare System

Scott Wolf

September 13, 2023

The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic has cast light on the need for optimal healthcare system operations. We have an opportunity to create a fresh, transformed health system based on new principles and services that would benefit patients first and then those who encircle patients with services or payment systems, such as providers, payers, employers, and community agencies. Our healthcare community must serve as the model for a vibrant, patient-centered, efficient health system where true transformational change can occur and be created with a long-term vision that embraces innovation and is committed to overcoming obstacles.

While the pandemic impacted communities both across the nation and globally, the health system experienced specific challenges that affect the delivery of efficient, effective, and resourceful care. The healthcare community continues to be challenged by the rising costs of care, increasing prevalence of chronic disease, administrative waste, significant and unexplained variations in care delivery, and declining care experience. New ideas that emerge in pockets across the country have proven to work in a variety of healthcare markets and should be explored further.

This paper can serve as a foundational platform for the transformation into a more agile healthcare system in an endemic state. With visionary leadership and commitment, the community can boldly address these system and population challenges, if put together in a package integrating the medical, technical, and systematic practices of today and embracing the expanding innovations of tomorrow. Now is the time to consider a comprehensive model to serve as a paradigm of what for possible.

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