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Digital Disaggregation: Leveraging Disruptive Innovation

Phil Rowley

September 28, 2016

Phil Rowley writes about technology and innovation, unbundling and rebundling of industries and services, and customer engagement.

The rise of technology has fueled this disruptive force. Changing the way we manufacture products and deliver services. Changing how we define the boundaries of a firm. Changing the fabric of our economy.

Digital disaggregation is the unbundling of an industry or service into component markets by using technology, and sometimes involves rebundling of products and resources in new ways. It reshapes the way companies and consumers engage by altering how, when, and where products are provided.

At a basic level, we recognize this in the form of corporations composed of multiple Small Business Units (SBUs). As these sub-units became more independent in the marketplace, the market recognizes an opportunity to emulate their structure. Fueled by technology, small companies with less hierarchical structures can compete for the same business.

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