Publication | BRG Review 5:1

BRG Review (Spring 2016)

Aaron Vandervelde, JoAnna Younts, Jeffrey Armstrong, Neil Shifrin, and Daniel Michel

Spring 2016

Welcome to the fifth volume of the BRG Review. The material covered in this issue provides a glimpse into the varied and interesting ongoing research performed around the world by experts and staff throughout BRG. This issue contains the following articles:

  • Aaron Vandervelde and JoAnna Younts: “A Detailed Diagnosis of Integrated Community Oncology”
  • Jeffrey Armstrong: “Protecting the Pillars of Consumer Demand: False Advertising Cases and Economic Trends in the United States since the Financial Crisis”
  • Neil Shifrin: “Solar Power for the United States”
  • Daniel Michel: “Estimating the Costs of Solar Conversion in the United States”

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