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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Report 2024

Richard Finkelman

April 2024

For a second year, BRG, Relativity, and the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) facilitated a research initiative to gather and analyze data on experiences using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in eDiscovery and document review.

Participants responded to thirty-one questions, including a new section of six questions about participants’ experiences with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) both in business and personally. No previous technology has appeared this quickly and created this much rapid change. Prior to GenAI, we referred to the technology as “AI and machine learning,” and now we refer to it as AI alone. 

The other twenty-five questions covered general AI experience, AI use in document review, and respondent demographics. The report breaks down these results and highlights additional trends from year-over-year comparisons with last year’s findings.

Leveraging AI 

All parts of this report were written by Richard Finkelman, but he used ChatGPT to generate five famous quotes that describe the findings of our survey.  

Prompt: Please find me 5 possible famous quotes that I can use in describing the findings or our AI survey in eDiscovery. The quote will follow the following sentence. The pandemic unleashed a tidal wave of data, and AI is about to unleash a tsunami’s worth. The job of helping lawyers now is like (insert famous quote).

ChatGPT Response

For a setting that highlights the transformative impact of AI in the wake of an unprecedented surge in data, particularly in the realm of eDiscovery, it’s essential to select quotes that not only capture the essence of change and adaptation but also underscore the significant shift towards embracing technology in the legal field. The following famous quotes are chosen for their ability to metaphorically describe the pivotal role of AI in navigating this new landscape, following the prelude you’ve provided: 

These quotes, when paired with your statement, not only underscore the monumental shift towards AI in the legal sector but also inspire a forward-thinking and adaptive approach to harnessing technology in eDiscovery. 

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