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Legal Tech: Milestones for AI and eDiscovery in 2023

December 27, 2023

Amy Worley shares insights on milestones for artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal industry in 2023, and Erick Gunawan discusses the biggest milestones for eDiscovery.

AI has made a significant impact on many industries, and legal is no exception. Ms. Worley commented that, “Historically, the legal profession has been slower than industry in adopting new tools. Right now, the profession is engaged in healthy debate about the proper role of AI in legal practice. This year we saw increased use of AI to improve efficiencies in document production and review and contract intelligence. We also saw the potential pitfalls of attorneys using tools they don’t fully understand… Technological competence and mature governance is increasingly crucial for attorneys seeking to run efficient and cost-effective practices.”

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Mr. Gunawan commented“In 2023, we saw the adoption and integration of AI and machine learning, which has effectively transformed eDiscovery. Their impact on vast volumes of data, document categorization and relevance predictions, among other areas, has significantly enhanced eDiscovery tools, its workflows and reduced the overall cost. There was also a notable shift towards cloud-based eDiscovery solutions, which offer scalability, flexibility, accessibility for legal teams in the post-pandemic landscape.”

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