Workforce Reductions: How to Implement a Layoff Effectively and Legally


March 1, 2023

Mike DuMond took part in a webinar hosted by Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP and moderated by Hirschfeld Kraemer partner Steve Hirschfeld.

Companies in virtually every industry across the US are grappling with a challenging business climate and the prospect of a recession. When faced with the need to downsize your workforce, proper planning can make all the difference. Recent news stories have highlighted both legal missteps and employee relations disasters caused by companies that didn’t understand how to do this right.

This webinar focused on the most important steps in this process, including:

  • Ensuring an appropriate business justification
  • Implementing a legally compliant selection process
  • Minimizing legal claims via a disparate impact analysis
  • Determining how much advance notice to give
  • Arriving at the appropriate level of severance benefits
  • Creating a severance agreement that will comply with all jurisdictions where impacted employees “work”
  • Effective messaging to all key stakeholders
  • Facing challenges when laying off remote employees

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