Paris Arbitration Week

Paris, France and virtual

September 22-23, 2021

As part of Paris Arbitration Week, Kenneth Grant discussed “The Green Transition: Incentives and Risks” on September 22. Panelists reviewed incentives and risks at play regarding the green transition. They focused on recent trends in foreign investment, policy measures adopted by states, types of investment claims that may arise as a result, and corresponding changes in investment treaties and the arbitration landscape.

On September 23, Mustafa Hadi took part in a panel on “Tales From The Virtual Battlefield: Perspectives of the Arbitrator, Advocate and Expert Witness.” Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of virtual hearings has increased, spurring arbitration centers and national legislators to set out best practices for virtual hearings. However, despite best attempts to establish governing principles, the nascent regulation remains incomplete. Therefore, in many respects, it is left to the arbitral tribunal and the parties to make their virtual hearings successful. Mr. Hadi built on knowledge developed in researching the recent BRG report The Psychological Impact of Remote Hearings.


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