Have You Forecasted and/or Validated the Financial Impact the IRA Drug-Pricing Provisions Could Have on Your Company?


September 13, 2023

Clay Willis and Austin Hay discussed the potential financial impact each of the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) drug-pricing provisions could have on manufacturers, with a focus on the $22 billion increase in manufacturer discounts that will result from the Part D redesign. They also reviewed the data modeling used to calculate this estimate and provided details on how the additional manufacturer discounts are spread unevenly across therapeutic areas and manufacturers.

They also explained the importance of knowing your patients (e.g., LIS beneficiaries, EGWP beneficiaries) and understanding the unintended consequences of the IRA’s implementation to make forecasts as accurate as possible.

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Bryan Clayton (Clay) Willis


Washington, DC

Austin Hay

Associate Director

Washington, DC