Recent Developments and Key Considerations in Consumer Finance False Claims Act Litigation


February 3, 2021

Corporations serving consumers and the general public under business arrangements with state and federal governments, and organizations operating in highly regulated sectors involving government payments, face increased scrutiny and exposure to claims initiated by state and federal governments, whistleblowers, and consumers for false claims submitted to government agencies and departments.

Greg Halm and Paul Noring joined David Leviss and Liz McKeen (O’Melveny) to discuss recent consumer finance-related False Claims Act (FCA) court rulings, the Department of Justice’s stance in consumer finance cases, the growing importance of expert consultants in establishing data-compliance protocols, and other strategies for limiting a company’s FCA liability exposure.

Watch the recording. The recording password is FCA221.

O’Melveny will offer one (1) hour of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for licensed attorneys attending the webinar.

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