BRG Nurse Executive Virtual Forum: Addressing the Nursing Practice Readiness Gap


November 9, 2021

The November BRG Nurse Executive Forum discussed and examined practice readiness of new graduate nurses amid a nurse staffing crisis.

A recent publication by Garrett Chan and Edward Burns Jr. reported a pre-pandemic study where 100 percent of sample participants committed at least one simulated sentinel error event, impacting 37 percent of patients receiving care. Separately, the August 2021 American Organization for Nursing Leadership COVID-19 Longitudinal Study update identified worsening staffing shortages and caregiver emotional health when compared to six months prior. The confluence of new graduate nurses not being practice ready, mental health, staff fatigue and burnout, and the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has led to a worsening of the shortage of nurses in the workforce.

While all of these factors are vitally important to address, this session focused on addressing the nursing practice readiness gap.


  • Garrett Chan, PhD, RN, APRN, FAEN, FPCN, FCNS, FNAP, FAAN
    President & CEO, HealthImpact
  • Nicholas Chmielewski, DNP, RN, CEN, CENP, NEA-BC, FAEN
    Senior Managing Consultant, BRG

Watch the webinar.

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