An Interactive Discussion on the Admissibility of IP Damages Experts in Complex Litigation


February 29, 2024

Deepa Sundararaman and Cleve Tyler discussed the findings of their recent study, titled “A Detailed Study of Court Decisions on Admissibility of Intellectual Property Damages Experts” and published in the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal, during a moderated discussion with Phil Rowley.

The study evaluates more than four hundred Daubert orders covering nearly 1,300 decisions over a six-year period (from 2015 through 2020). During the webinar, Ms. Sundararaman and Dr. Tyler discussed substantive issues including how the study was initiated, trends in expert testimony exclusion, the impact of the Supreme Court’s Heartland decision on exclusion rates, exclusion rates by type of challenge, patterns in exclusion rates across districts and between judges, and recent changes to Federal Rule of Evidence 702, which guides the admissibility of expert testimony, and its potential impact on admissibility.

Click here for access to the journal issue.

Watch a recording of the webinar >>

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