Intellectual Rigor Meets Real-World Expertise

BRG’s Digital Transformation Advisory Practice (DTAP) helps companies identify, solve, and monetize the critical problems for which digital technologies can create new sources of value, growth, and profits. DTAP experts combine economic principles and decades of work with the most innovative companies on the planet to shorten the time between problem definition and successful project outcome. BRG experts are also platform pioneers, having developed and commercialized the intellectual frameworks to design, ignite, and scale platform businesses over the last twenty years.

Led by Karen Webster, one of the world’s leading experts on payments innovation and the digital economy, the DTAP team consists of experienced practitioners who have held leadership positions in iconic companies that have successfully managed their own digital transformations. These experts work alongside many of the world’s preeminent academic scholars, whose pathbreaking contributions have defined the foundational principles for success in the digital economy. The experts have “been there and done that” by successfully managing the many internal and external interdependencies that differentiate success from failure in the dynamic digital economy.

Projects are organized around detailed hypotheses and timeframes to deliver results, and our experts take a primary role in conducting the project and interacting directly with the client during all phases. This combination of intellectual rigor with practical, real-world experience brings a novel approach to the bet-the-company issues facing all businesses in every sector as they explore the transformational possibilities of the shift to a connected digital economy.

Key Experts


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Karen L. Webster

Managing Director


David S. Evans

Global Leader for Digital Economy and Platform Markets


David J. Teece

Executive Chairman

San Francisco Bay Area

Joseph Doyle

Senior Advisor

Richard Finkelman

Managing Director

Washington, DC

Walter J. Mix III

Managing Director

Los Angeles, Downtown, New York

Hemant Bhargava

Senior Advisor

Our industry knowledge is broad and deep.

BRG combines intellectual rigor with practical, real-world experience. We have an in-depth understanding of industries and markets, with expertise spanning the major sectors of the global economy. Following are some of the many sectors that we know inside and out.

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