Corporate financial scandals and economic crises continue to challenge corporations and their boards of directors and advisors, as the methodologies to defraud them become more complex and the insider threat grows. Being able to rapidly identify, explain, and resolve issues within an organization’s financial system is a critical component of safeguarding its reputation with employees, shareholders, regulators, and business partners.

Who We Are

Our forensic accounting experts have experience in evaluating the financial and operational records of global organizations in multiple industries and have provided expert evidence and testimony in many jurisdictions. We specialize in forensic accounting investigations, financial record reconstruction, interview techniques, computer forensics and electronic data retrieval, enterprise-wide complex data modeling and analysis, quantifying damages, providing expert witness testimony at trial, and designing, implementing, and remediating internal control environments.

Comprised of former Big Four partners, internal auditors, former prosecutors, and certified public accountants, BRG’s forensic accounting teams are adept at translating complex financial transactions and numerical data into terms that laypersons can understand and interpret in a legal setting. Our forensic accounting experts use their understanding of industry, finance, accounting, economics, and data management, and their collective professional experience, to review business and financial reporting information, information systems, and accounting and auditing standards and procedures, all while leveraging eDiscovery, data analysis and evidence gathering, vetted investigative techniques, and hypothesis testing to assist clients in fact gathering in order to determine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of an alleged illegal or fraudulent activity.

Certain investigations are conducted by licensed BRG entities, including: Berkeley Research Group Texas, LLC (A18094); Berkeley Research Group Investigatory Services of Illinois, LLC (Illinois 117001723 and Michigan 3701206962); Berkeley Research Group of Florida, LLC (A 1400243); BRG Investigations, LLC f/k/a Berkeley Research Group Investigatory Services of New York, LLC (11000189295).  

What We Do

We have repeatedly applied our expertise in high-profile investigations and litigation by advising companies and their legal counsel in both prosecuting and defending allegations of earnings manipulation, inadequate disclosure, fraudulent transactions, and foreign corruption, or in support of special committee investigations involving whistleblower allegations. We can assist in responding to allegations or a government subpoena, preparing for an external audit, and designing and remediating processes and procedures that will help prevent suspect activities from recurring.

Working closely with Global Investigations + Strategic Intelligence’s Data Science and Analytics professionals, our forensic accountants are also increasingly assisting organizations with proactive risk reduction activities by designing and performing extended procedures as part of the statutory audit, acting as advisers to audit committees and fraud deterrence engagements, and advising in investment analyst research. BRG’s forensics accounting teams investigate:

  • Allegations of fraud
  • Whistleblower complaints
  • Regulatory breaches
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery claims
  • Internal controls and undertake fraud risk assessments
  • Ponzi schemes, kickbacks, self-dealing, and embezzlement

Our approach is cost effective and phased, and our techniques ensure that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Our clients benefit from the fact that we have seen incarnations of the same fraud-related issues across multiple industries and jurisdictions. Our collective experience allows our clients access to an unparalleled depth of intellectual capital and applied knowledge.


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