Combining technical expertise, deep investigative experience, and a comprehensive approach, BRG’s full range of expertise—from data security strategy and consulting to incident response, investigations, and post-crisis support—ensures that clients are prepared to tackle the full spectrum of cyber challenges.

Strategic Cybersecurity Consulting

We provide direct, clear, and objective advice to clients who seek to understand and mitigate their cyber risk.

  • Vulnerability assessments:
    • External and internal penetration testing
    • Wireless network evaluations
    • Website and application security audits
    • Physical control review
  • Evaluation of existing cybersecurity policies
  • Remediation of identified security gaps, including:
    • Enhanced technical defenses
    • Incident response preparedness
    • Improved cybersecurity procedures
  • Compliance with data security standards or guidance
  • Preparation for cybersecurity audits
  • Enterprise security architecture design

Incident Response

Our global presence and deep experience allow us to respond quickly with a range of services, including:

  • Incident assessment and scoping
  • Digital forensics and data preservation
  • Malware reverse engineering and analysis
  • Data loss mitigation
  • Business continuity
  • Law enforcement referrals and coordination

Post-Incident Support

Our client support does not stop once a cyber incident has been contained.

Our team helps clients bridge the technical and legal gap when responding to post-incident litigation and regulatory inquiries, with services that include:

  • Expert witness consulting
  • Technical root cause analysis
  • Damage and loss consulting
  • Database recovery and analysis
  • Litigation consulting

Information Governance

  • Privacy Management – Assessment of risk from exposure of PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Regulatory Framework – Review of regulatory obligations for overlapping controls, and establishment of common information governance framework to satisfy requirements
  • Records Management – Implementation of strategy to handle internal and customer records
  • eDiscovery – Optimization of electronic discovery through automation

Security Culture Transformation and Training

  • Security Metrics – Collecting evidence based on operational security metrics enables quality decision making and tracks efficient progress
  • Awareness Campaign – Structuring, launching, and managing effective awareness programs across the enterprise (e.g., social engineering/phishing)


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