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Europe, Middle East and Africa

Complex Investigations

BRG’s complex investigations practice provides companies, their counsel and other advisors with the critical information to making well-informed business and legal decisions to compete in these complex operating environments. Our professionals possess a wide range of skills and disciplines and include business intelligence experts, forensic accountants, computer forensics and technology consultants, data analytics specialists, cybersecurity experts, litigation support professionals, governance and regulatory experts, and industry experts.

Business Intelligence

Our experts specialise in providing human intelligence and analysis to support clients facing strategic “survival-level” decisions, including multinational corporations, financial institutions, family offices, governments, institutional and private equity investors, lawyers and sovereign wealth funds.

Our team has worked with clients on matters ranging from quick-turnaround due diligence into potential hires or partners, to anti-counterfeiting investigations, to long-running intelligence support for communication strategies in mergers and acquisitions or activist investor situations.

We develop intelligence and apply it creatively to assist clients in responding to challenges or opportunities facing their businesses. We are experienced particularly in the identification of discreet sources in unique positions of knowledge and the collection of sensitive comment and testimony.

We specialise in:

  • Business intelligence and M&A support
  • Litigation and arbitration support
  • Geopolitical and security risk reporting
  • Corruption mapping and regulatory transaction review


BRG’s Cyber Security and Investigations team is uniquely prepared to help clients with a full range of data security, data protection and privacy challenges. Our professionals have special expertise in cyber incident response and helping clients forensically navigate the legal and regulatory aftermath of an incident. BRG’s cross-border interdisciplinary team also offers vulnerability assessments, cybersecurity improvement plans, enterprise security architecture design and assistance with cyber regulatory compliance and audits.


We help our clients identify and manage the unique risks involved with digital information and Big Data. Our team includes recognised professionals in data analytics, computer forensics and information security.

We understand how complex data systems work and are engaged by clients to collect, cull, sample, analyse and produce billions of records and hundreds of terabytes of data from disparate systems. We help uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other useful information in clients’ data that can be used to prevent fraud and make better business decisions. Pace is critical when the stakes are high, and we deploy resources rapidly on site to conduct data collections and provide eDiscovery solutions, detailed analysis and reporting.

Our technologies, methods and practices are tested rigorously for defensibility before courts and regulators.

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