Energy & Climate

Expertise across the energy value chain worldwide.

The BRG Energy & Climate team is focused on business, regulatory, and dispute resolution challenges associated with rapid decarbonisation and the transformation of energy use across the energy, industrial, and transportation sectors.

Our team is distinguished by the extent of our expertise and experience across clean and conventional power generation, as well as the natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and other liquid fuel industries and their value chains worldwide. We apply our expertise to address the most pressing economic, financial, regulatory, technical, and resource-optimization challenges presented by decarbonisation and energy transformation.

We provide an array of strategic, commercial, transactional, forecasting, regulatory, and operations advisory services and analyses to hydrocarbon, power, and renewable energy companies, lenders and investors, and law firms.

Our energy business advisory offerings and dispute resolution work are synergistic and mutually reinforcing. Our extensive experience with energy disputes makes us realistic, grounded analysts of long-term opportunity, risk, pricing, and value. Similarly, our extensive experience throughout the energy sector, as business advisors and former executives, makes us highly credible, effective experts for dispute resolution matters.

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