Theodore C. Lam has over twenty years of experience in both litigation and non-litigation settings in the analyses of markets and matters involving antitrust and competition, merger clearance, damages, intellectual property, regulated rate-making, and securities.

He has provided expert consulting advice in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas (refining, petroleum products, terminalling, retail stations, and pipelines), tobacco, aluminum cans, chemicals, automation, aerospace, agriculture, transportation, gaming, telecommunications, beverages, fertilizer, and pharmaceuticals. He has sponsored testimony to public service commissions, submitted declarations to US courts, and provided statements and analyses to regulatory and merger enforcement agencies.

Mr. Lam has been involved in over thirty merger and acquisition matters that have been reviewed and cleared by the enforcement agencies. He has submitted and provided expert support to analyses that involve market definition (product, substitutions, geographic), competitive effects within a horizontal and/or vertical merger (coordinated and unilateral), and market concentration. In addition, Mr. Lam has worked closely with involved parties using their business systems to collect relevant data required for compliance of information requests (i.e., civil investigative demand (CID), pre-merger voluntary information, “second request”) issued by the merger enforcement agencies. In antitrust litigation, Mr. Lam has managed high-profile engagements where he has developed analyses that provide support for expert testimony related to price-fixing, monopolization, collusion, exclusive dealing, and Robinson-Patman Act matters.

Mr. Lam possesses a strong background in financial and economic analysis and has extensive application knowledge in spreadsheet, large and small database, business operations, and geographic information systems. His approach in handling sophisticated matters and complex information helps enhance the development of conceptual and critical issues that are presented in a clear and concise manner.

Areas of Expertise


Michigan State University
BA, Finance