Stefan Boedeker is a managing director with BRG’s Economics and Damages practice, where he specializes in statistical consulting.

Over the last thirty years, he has worked on hundreds of cases and projects in the litigation and management consulting context, where he specializes in the application of economic, statistical, and financial models to areas such as solutions to business issues, economic impact studies, and complex litigation cases.

Mr. Boedeker has provided economic, financial, and statistical consulting and expert services to clients across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, high technology, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, real estate, insurance, and financial services, and federal, state, and local governments. He has issued hundreds of expert reports and given deposition and trial testimony in state and federal courts, arbitrations, and regulatory hearings over 140 times.

In the area of employment litigation, Mr. Boedeker has extensive experience applying economic and statistical theories and methodologies to employment-related matters such as discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour cases. His work in such cases has included designing and conducting surveys, time and motion studies, and observational studies; statistically analyzing the results of such surveys and studies (his own and other experts’ studies); applying statistical sampling methodologies to extrapolate results from a subset to a universe of individuals; developing statistical models and tests to answer liability questions; applying economic theory to develop damages scenarios; and analyzing large employment related databases.

In the area of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, Mr. Boedeker has provided statistical and economic consulting to clients including providers, payors, and federal, state, and local government agencies. He has extensive experience in assisting healthcare organizations facing disputes where complex economic issues must be assessed and where complex statistical methods are necessary to answer questions of liability, over-/underpayments, and damages.

Mr. Boedeker has extensive experience helping clients negotiate and present statistical methodology to government agencies such as the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and Department of Justice (DOJ) when assessing the appropriateness of claims submission and payment practices based on statistical samples. He also has coordinated statistical sampling methodology on numerous healthcare audits. In addition, he has served as the statistical expert with appointed independent review organizations for healthcare organizations, including providers and durable medical equipment (DME) companies in response to corporate integrity agreements.

In the area of survey research, Mr. Boedeker has both evaluated surveys and designed and statistically analyzed surveys in the context of intellectual property cases, consumer class actions, employee research, and consumer/market research. In particular, he has extensive experience designing and analyzing conjoint-based empirical studies.

Mr. Boedeker has extensive experience in the application of advanced statistical sampling methods in the context of litigation cases as a testifying expert and as a consultant. He also has extensive experience applying statistical sampling in general business consulting projects. His work in such cases and projects to date has included designing statistical sampling plans and statistically analyzing the results of such samples, including the application of statistical sampling theory to extrapolate results from a subset of items (“sample”) to the underlying universe of interest of all items. He has also frequently been asked to review and rebut other experts’ use of statistical sampling in the context of litigation.

In the area of management consulting, Mr. Boedeker’s experience includes the application of predictive modeling techniques, big data analysis, advanced multivariate and non-parametric statistical methods, and advanced Monte Carlo simulation techniques. He provides solutions to questions of competitive position diagnostics, marketing and pricing, business unit development, product portfolio optimization, scarce resource allocation (e.g., marketing budgets), decision tree analysis, customer relationship management, customer knowledge management, and acquisition and share-of-wallet. He also creates best practices that help increase customer retention, forecast key business and economic variables, advertise effectiveness, minimize customer churn, predict customer behavior, determine optimal product portfolios, and identify optimal product bundling and cross-selling opportunities.

Before joining BRG, Mr. Boedeker worked for both privately held and publicly traded litigation consulting firms, as well as national accounting firms. He started his career as an economic and statistical research assistant for the German government.

Employment History

Resolution Economics
2008 – 2010

Alvarez and Marsal
Managing director
2007 – 2008

2005 – 2007

Navigant Consulting
Managing director
2004 – 2005

2003 – 2004

2002 – 2003

Arthur Andersen
1992 – 2002

Areas of Expertise


University of California, San Diego
PhD requirements except dissertation, Economics
MA, Economics

University of Dortmund/Germany
MS, Statistics
BS, Statistics
BA, Business Administration