Phil Allister is a forensic accountant who specialises in implementing global asset-tracing and enforcement strategies.

A Chartered Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner, his findings have been presented to support international legal proceedings and international agencies, including the World Bank.

Based in the Middle East after previously working in New York and the UK, Mr. Allister brings more than fifteen years of international forensic services experience, including asset tracing; third-party due diligence and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reviews; sanctions investigations; business intelligence services; and investigations into fraud, terrorist financing and anti-bribery and corruption allegations.

Mr. Allister has vast experience in procuring nonpublic intelligence to add value to support complex financial investigations and providing expert witness reports for ongoing litigation and arbitration. He is a regular speaker and author on changing trends in intelligence-led investigations. He also provides accredited training to international law firms on how to build an asset-tracing strategy.

Mr. Allister has worked in the UK, US, Lebanon and the UAE for a Big Four firm, a multinational bank and, most recently, as the managing director of a US publicly-listed consultancy, where he led a team across the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Allister’s recent experience includes:

  • Supported heirs of large families involved in large-scale inheritance disputes
  • Provided forensic accounting, flow of funds and asset-tracing services to defrauded creditors using court-appointed insolvency powers following a fraud
  • Pierced the corporate veil of shell companies used to shield global property from creditors following a crypto hedge fund collapse
  • Supported consortium of fraud victims to bolster settlement negotiations
  • Identified location of absconded individuals
  • Provided evidence to reverse attempts of dissipating assets subject to freezing orders
  • Mapped out a large multinational intellectual property infringement supply chain for a defrauded client

Employment History

FTI Consulting
Managing Director, 2018 – 2022

Manager, 2011 – 2018

Citi Private Bank
Analyst, 2009 – 2010


Professional Affiliations

Certified Fraud Examiner, Member


Chartered Accountant (ACA), Ireland

Areas of Expertise


Queen’s University Belfast
BSc, Finance, 2009