Lauren Taylor provides consulting and analytical services to healthcare and life sciences companies.

She works with clients and their counsel in disputes, government investigations, qui tam litigation, False Claims Act litigation, and compliance, regulatory, and product liability issues. She has worked with clients including pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, pharmacies (including specialty and long-term-care pharmacies), and pharmacy benefit managers.

Ms. Taylor specializes in using large datasets to develop meaningful analyses and models that provide answers to key questions and support theoretical arguments to assist client decision-making processes. She has extensive experience working with clients to identify relevant transactional data from financial systems of record, such as ex-factory sales systems, contracts and rebating systems, claims processing systems, and business accounting systems; and designing efficient processes to extract the data with minimal disruption to the client’s business and personnel. Ms. Taylor leverages these client datasets in combination with healthcare industry resources to assess allegations, liability, and potential damages related to issues such as pharmaceutical pricing, sales and marketing practices, financial reporting, billing practices, government and commercial reimbursement, contract compliance, and other business disputes.

Areas of Expertise


Johns Hopkins University
MS, Applied Economics

George Washington University
BS, Computer Science
BS, Economics