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Joseph Doyle

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    Joseph Doyle is the Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management and Applied Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

    Professor Doyle is an applied microeconomist and econometrician. Much of his academic work has focused on healthcare and child welfare. His healthcare research investigates sources of value and waste to inform policies aimed at improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of the US healthcare system. This includes partnering with large healthcare providers and payers to conduct randomized controlled trials of changes in the ways healthcare is delivered, with an emphasis on addressing social determinants of health. His work has required a deep understanding of US healthcare markets and institutions. He has published more than thirty-five articles in these areas, including in leading journals in economics and medicine. His research often taps into his expertise of industrial organization and behavioral economics.

    Professor Doyle is faculty director of the MIT Sloan Initiative for Health Systems Innovation, which focuses on health analytics, including digital tools; operations, including process improvements; and the use of incentives, including ones based on behavioral economics to increase healthy behaviors. He is also co-chair of the Health Sector of the Jameel Poverty Action Lab and co-principal investigator at the NBER Roybal Center for Behavior Change in Health.

    He holds a BS from Cornell University and a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago. Much of Professor Doyle’s academic work has focused on estimating causal effects using transparent and credible empirical strategies. Over the last twenty years, he has applied these techniques as a testifying or consulting expert to litigation and investigations across a wide variety of areas, such as antitrust, mergers, and product liability; industries such as online gaming and broadband; and on liability and damages. His empirical work often leads to visually compelling and accessible demonstrations of causal effects that are helpful to triers of fact.

    Professor Doyle can be contacted by email through Howard Chang.

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    University of Chicago
    PhD, Economics

    Cornell University
    BS, Economics