Public Utilities Fortnightly

Branko Terzic

April 2017

Branko Terzic writes in the daily column “Today from Public Utilities Fortnightly“:

  • “Electric Vehicles: The race is on!” (10/24/16)
  • “American Demand” (10/25/16)
  • “Everybody’s an Expert on Rate of Return” (10/26/16)
  • “Tracking the Bugs” (10/31/16)
  • “What Ernie Knew” ( 11/06/16)
  • “Commissioner, did you pay the electric bill!?” (11/09/16)
  • “Who could do that? Who would do that? The Incentive Theory” (11/13/16)
  • “Grand Theft and Capital Recovery” (12/13/16)
  • “Lights Out at DOE?” (12/19/16)
  • “What Edison Would and Wouldn’t Recognize” (1/15/17)
  • “Regulatory Traditions: Report from the Prairie” (2/11/17)

He also writes for Public Utilities Fortnightly magazine:

  • “Off Peak: What Ernie Knew” (September 2016)
  • “Looking Backward and Forward: Innovation and Capitol Recovery (November 2016)
  • “Looking Backward and Forward: Grand Theft and Capital Recovery (December 2016)
  • “Off Peak: A Man of Power and the Public Interest” (January 2017)
  • “Looking Backward and Forward: Water Dreaming” (April 2017)

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Branko Terzic

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