Publication | ThinkSet, issue 6

ThinkSet Leadoff: All About ROI

Phil Rowley

Fall 2018

In this quarter’s cover story, Peggy Daley and Michael Bandemer observe that the effects of California’s new Consumer Privacy Act will reverberate through businesses all over the world—and not just in compliance departments. Data has become such an integral part of every business model—for plenty of companies, data is the business model—that the Golden State’s sweeping new rules could have a direct impact on how a lot of business leaders decide to invest their companies’ capital in the next year.

Nothing unusual about that. External forces play a role in every investing decision an executive makes. And the stories in this issue of ThinkSet provide a wealth of insight on some of the forces we’ll all be reckoning with as we seek the most efficient, effective ways to deploy our organizations’ capital.

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