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BRG’s Leg Up Program is an accessible educational and mentorship program intended to inspire lifelong learners and enhance participants’ opportunities for advanced degree programs.

Our commitment to racial, ethnic, and gender equality extends the idea of Intelligence That Works to the underserved youth in our communities.

Program Structure

Each year, BRG partners with local high schools and organizations to identify high-potential students in ninth through twelfth grades to participate in a weeklong summer session. The program consists of a welcome event, five consecutive days on site, and various sessions including education, skill-building, networking opportunities, and electives. Students also participate in various events, including college admission panels, local day trips, and information sessions with our experts.

BRG professionals mentor students through the college application process by matching students to a mentor on a person-by-person basis with hopes that the relationship extends beyond the program.

Participating BRG office locations include Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston.

Goals of the Program

  • Provide lifelong networks
  • Close the gap between race and opportunities
  • Eliminate education barriers for underserved and underrepresented youth
  • Increase exposure to business, economic, and related industries
  • Provide mentorship and guidance, with a specific focus on the college application process
  • Establish a diverse talent pipeline for BRG

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