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Antitrust Enforcement and Big Tech: After the Remedy Is Ordered

Jay Himes, Jason Nieh, and Ron Schnell

June 8, 2021

Jay Himes, Jason Nieh, and Ron Schnell discuss challenges in overseeing company compliance with antitrust remedial decrees in cases against high-tech companies, legal principles applicable to antitrust remedies, and two high-tech cases: United States v. Microsoft Corp. and United States v. Bazaarvoice, Inc. Read the full article.

The article is part of Stanford Law School’s Stanford Computational Antitrust project journal. The project brings together academics, developers, policymakers, and regulators to publish articles at the frontier between antitrust and computational techniques.

For additional information, watch this video by Stanford Computational Antitrust. Stanford’s Thibault Shrepel discusses the article with the coauthors.

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